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Postal, email and telephone lists, local and international for Direct Mail, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing & Telemarketing.

Europe, America, Asia, Oceania. All target groups with a large variety of quality selections. Contact us for whatever type of list you need. We will help you find the list of potential customers for your business. Mail Data is the only List Broker in Greece and member of the European network of List Brokers Lists4Europe.

Postal lists for Direct Mail

B2B and B2C lists for postal communication. All companies of Europe, Greeks abroad, special targeted groups.

Direct mail marketing can provide a higher return on investment than any other means of advertising.

Email lists for Email Marketing

Email lists from all over the world. Add power to your local or international email marketing campaign by using the needed email database. Contact us so we can inform you about all the available options.

We offer OPT-IN Greek email addresses.

Email marketing is the most cost effective advertising medium to promote your business and reach new prospects.

Phone lists for SMS or Fax Marketing and Telemarketing

SMS lists for bulk text-messaging. Fax lists. Telephone lists with a large range of selection criteria. Telemarketing can be used effectively whether you are a large organization or a small business with limited resources. Local and  international lists available for a large number of countries.

Data Consultancy

We are the list consultants that will advise and assist you to chose the proper list for your business. Our experience in the mailing list marketing industry gives us an excellent insight and expertise into which list will produce results for your product or service. If the list you need is not available we will inform you if the specific list development is possible.

Mail Data is a member of the European n Lists4Europe network.

Contact us now. Your new customer list is waiting.